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Fondue or Fondon’t


Listen, the 70’s get a bad rep when it comes to food, but they’re are a few classics that dwell in the decade of Arctic Roll. The Swiss Miss herself, fondue.

Forget swinging and sitting about in microrobes, there’s nothing freaky about fondue. It’s melted cheese and wine for gosh sakes, what can be bad about that.

You don’t even need the tack tastic fondue kit- a heavy pot and a warmed bowl and away you go.

You’ll need a good combination of cheeses though; a good melter such as gruyere or comte, a nice soft cheese along the lines of brie or camembert, and perhaps something to funk it up- maybe a nice blue cheese or something smoked.

Whatever your combo, add the chopped cheese selection to about a half bottle of wine, let it melt and add a variety of things- mustard, worcestershire, dried or fresh herbs. The fondue may need thickening- why not add some breadcrumbs, ground almonds or cornflour mixed with brandy is good.

When all combined into a glorious gooey sauce, transfer to a warmed bowl. Serve with bread, veggies or just pour it straight down your throat. No judgement here.