Fond Pageant

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Roomkeepers Productions

An illustrated, Poetic, theatrical meditation celebrating the healing and redemptive powers of art, written and performed by Daniel Reardon.
[blockquote_right]4 + 5 Feb 2019 | 7:30pm | Main Space[/blockquote_right]
The show is based on ‘Fond Pageant’, the author’s book of poems published in 2018.

The concept for the show was sparked by an unprovoked and inexplicable epileptic seizure suffered by Reardon while attending the opening night of “Ulysses” at the Abbey Theatre in October 2017.

The historical and autobiographical links in the show contextualise the paintings and the poems, marking the various milestones in Reardon’s life; from early education in New York, arrival in Dublin, embarking on a career in the arts, marriage, children and career to date as a 72 year old man.

“Funny, moving, enthralling, a really beautiful piece.” Pól Ó’Colmáin, Director, Skibbereen Arts Festival

It has become imperative to laugh:
Now that the decades are numbered seven
And sleep snatches up in armchair or couch,
Bed is a black and scratchy, fretful bin.
When fat tears spill at trifling sentiment
And knee joints yelp down steps to genuflect.
Rainy mornings, no man’s lands of torment,
Cold, a sadistic courier of sick.
Essential then to seize on sunny days,
Seek out sharp comedians, crazy clowns,
The big-eyed amaze on a baby’s face,
An indignant panjandrum upside down
And laugh, an unfettered howling guffaw,
Feel the sun so close, kiss the shining star.

Running Time: 65 mins

Image : Titania and Bottom c.1790 Henry Fuseli 1741-1825 Presented by Miss Julia Carrick Moore in accordance with the wishes of her sister 1887 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/N01228

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