Exhibition : Serendipity by Nieves Fernandez

Nieves Fernandez

Nieves Fernández

After her first solo exhibition last year, Nieves Fernández is returning to Smock Alley Theatre this December with oil paintings, acrylics and collages.
[blockquote_right]Sun 3rd – Sat 9th Dec

Banquet Hall

10am – 4:30pm daily[/blockquote_right]

Nieves was born in Madrid (Spain) in the last century. Her mother told her that her first incursion into art was during a siesta, when she was 2 years old: she woke up and, taking lipsticks, started to paint the bedroom walls. Her ‘artwork’ kept showing through for years, no matter how many layers of painting were laid over. Nieves’ favourite time was, and still is, Christmas, when the Magi (in Spain the Magi bring the presents at Christmas) brought her all kinds of paints and safe surfaces to spread her art. Since then, she hasn’t stopped painting, drawing, sketching, sculpting… anything to do with art!

Serendipity, the name of the exhibition, is defined in the dictionary as “the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated”. Most of Nieves’ new paintings found their way into existence by accident: walking at night time through a street in Uppsala, the bunch of grapes for dessert or seeing an interesting light reflection in Rome. Come and see Nieves’ new exhibition!

Visit Nieve’s website here.

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