Little Shadow Theatre Company + Unravel Productions

[blockquote_right] 26 Jun – 1 Jul | 8pm | Boys’ School[/blockquote_right]

I’m floatin’ now, giddy, takin’ a big sup of vodka to celebrate, he’s comin’ home to dance with me, not here, at home, and I wonder what’s he thinkin’ now, what he’s feelin’, cause for the first time in ages I think that we might be feelin’ the same thing.

I’m gettin’ the mad as a march hare in spring feelin’ again, cause I’m thinkin’ of Breda, rememberin’ the way she had been smilin’ at me. So I take another big swig, get back on track, ’cause it’s Sunday night, it’s the last lap of the holy trinity and Imelda Egan is waitin’ for me above at the party.

Billy and Breda are married and live in an Irish midlands town. This is their weekend.

Writen by Eugene O’Brien
Directed by Jed Murray

Breda – Carolyn Bracken
Billy – Michael O’Kelly

Running time: 70 mins

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