Love, Labour, Lost

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Love, Labour , Lost is a story about a young circus performer Joe Bloodworth, who embarks on a journey to learn all he can about becoming a Clown. He leaves his Manchester home for the first time and heads to France, in order to study for 3 years. Once he arrives in this land of cheese, wine and red windmills he makes a solemn promise to his mother that he will avoid all temptation, be it gluttony, greed or sins of the flesh. Impossible! He’s a Clown, innocent and fragile, therefore be prepared to laugh, shout, empathise and possibly even cry as we see this Clown spiral out of control.

“I must consider what I did swear onto, to fast, to study and to see no woman.
Flat treason against this kingly state of youth, oh Paris you mock me, at every corner temptation awaits in silk, leather, linen and lace.”

So, does our young fool come undone by the doing of his wooing, or does this Jack get his Jill?

Written and performed by Simon Thompson
Directed by David Spathaky
[blockquote_right]November 9th – 11th @ 8pm
in The Boys’ School[/blockquote_right]

From the audience:

All I can say is WOW! Totally entertaining from start to finish, can’t wait for the next installment

Fantastic show, brilliant costumes, the image was stunning.

The magic show was hilarious.

Stunning artist; stunning clown; stunning man! May all make it their business to see your truth, vulnerability & blessed blessed comic genius! Keep rockin boyo!!

So subtle and sad, didn’t think a clown would make me cry.

Fab time and a most entertaining show on a wet and windy June Bank Holiday Monday.

Very funny — went in feeling washed out and came out with a smile on my face.

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