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Angie Smalis Based loosely on a 1798 Irish Gothic novel by Regina Maria Roche, “Madeline” illuminates something universal about the human response to personal and supernatural anxieties, and our sense of responsibility for the safety of others, through the story of a young woman. With original music by Limerick Jazz Ensemble.   Age Suitability 10+ Strong Language Running time: 55 mins CREATED BY: Angie Smalis, Colin Gee, Laura Dannequin, Damien …Read More

The Streets Are Ours

Fregoli Theatre Company ‘The Streets are Ours’ chronicles the night time activities of a group of aimless 20-somethings still living in a small town in the midlands and their reunion with an old friend. Meeting in an empty parking lot, the gang reconnect, reminisce and attempt to heal old wounds, but as the night goes on, things left unsaid for too long begin to resurface. Galway-based company Fregoli Theatre are …Read More

Cockney Mule

Ah Summer! You glorious divil you. Preparations are well underway here in Smock Towers for our Summer show, ‘Pygmalion’. Will we be doing a highly boozy Smocktail to go along with it you ask? Why yes we will. We’re knocking off a Moscow Mule and calling it a Cockney Mule,  cos Eliza is from the East End innit bruv. Please take 1 generous measure of London Gin, 1 dash of …Read More

Fondue or Fondon’t

Listen, the 70’s get a bad rep when it comes to food, but they’re are a few classics that dwell in the decade of Arctic Roll. The Swiss Miss herself, fondue. Forget swinging and sitting about in microrobes, there’s nothing freaky about fondue. It’s melted cheese and wine for gosh sakes, what can be bad about that. You don’t even need the tack tastic fondue kit- a heavy pot and …Read More

Mustard Mustard

Is there any condiment as versatile and adaptable as mustard? No! No, is the answer. It’s a doddle to make, and can be played around with ingredients wise to create your very own signature mustard. You can go the route of mustard powder and a liquid- with water you would get something very similar to English mustard, with wine closer to Dijon. Or you can soak mustard seeds, white, black …Read More

Awesome Chocolate Cake

Now, I’ve as much time for the anti-gluten brigade as the next person, but this little number is almost enough to convert me. It’s a recipe from Sabrina Ghabour, an excellent source of inspiration for Persian and Middle Eastern recipes. 200g of dark chocolate, melted with 150 ml good olive oil stirred in once chocolate is melted. Add to this 5-8  cardamom pods, bashed and seeds removed, along with 3 shots …Read More

Ricotta Hotcakes with Bananas & Raspberries

Now, I’m no King, or indeed Queen, of Brunch (maybe an Archduke) but I’ve had enough Breakfast Lunch hybrids to know a good one from a bad one. Add this recipe to  your repertoire and you’ll  be lauded as a Brunch noble.  Also I’m not giving you quantities- you should know when it looks thick enough. I ain’t your Home Ec teacher. This recipe comes from lovely Smiley Bill Granger …Read More

S’more S’more S’more

Come here til I tell you- you needn’t have gone to summer camp in ‘Merica to appreciate the delights of a S’more. Because now why not make a S’more tart! It’s a delight. Do it. Get a little/large tart base, you don’t need to be forking out big euros for Graham Crackers- as long as it’s sweet you’ll get the essence. Melt whatever kind of chocolate you prefer, I used Belgian …Read More

Chicken With Rocket & Pomegranate

This is a recipe shamelessly robbed and slightly adapted from Sabrina Ghayour, who I had the opportunity to do a cookery course with last year. She’s a British Iranian cook and offers a great insight to wonderful Persian cuisine. We use this in wraps and it’s deliciously refreshing and satisfying. Using smoked chicken breasts, mix 1 tablespoon of Ras al Hanout with 3 tablespoons of Pomegranate Molasses. Slice the chicken …Read More

Berry Tarts

This is an excellent go to quick dessert idea- although we serve them as canapés. A large one with tons of mixed berries would look excellent. You can also use a pre made tart shell to be truly expedient. Mix custard and cream together, adding some sugar or vanilla extract if you like it especially sweet- essentially a cheat’s crème pâtissière. Spoon a blob into a tart shell, adding the …Read More