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Cured Salmon

1 salmon fillet- 1 kg 3 tablespoons salt 3 tablespoons sugar 3 tablespoons wholegrain mustard 1 bag chopped dill 1 generous ‘home’ measure of gin A delicious and elegant dish, perfect for a party or as a gift. The idea of curing fish might seem like a bit of a palaver but it’s a wonderfully simple way to serve salmon. While this cure is originated from Scandinavia, essentially a gravlax or …Read More

Black Forrest Gateaux Ghetto

Who doesn’t love a cocktail or 4? We LOVE booze (and puns!) in Smock Alley – one of our clever duckies came up with the vernacular gem ‘Smocktails’ (we MAY have been drinking) which you might have seen emblazoned across the bar. How we laughed. Subsequently, we’ve extended our range with various potations paying homage to past people and events in Smock’s history. We love to create bespoke drinks for …Read More

When life gives you beetroots, make chutney!

We often have leftovers after a catering event in the theatre, and subsequently with the challenge of using them in up something , as opposed to disposal. Recently after a dinner we had surplus beetroot from North County Dublin, both of the regular red and candied variety. The last place we wanted them to end up was the bin and were inspired to transform the beets into a chutney and …Read More