BOLSTOFF : A Modern Actor’s Introduction to Advanced Contemporary Performance

Wicker Socks

[blockquote_right] 14 + 15 Dec | 7:30pm | Main Space[/blockquote_right]

BOLSTOFF: A Modern Actor’s Introduction to Advanced Contemporary Performance is a rare insight into the revolutionary acting theory of Nikolai Bolstoff.

Join Wicker Socks as they share with you the secrets of “doing the acting” and fast-track you on the road to success in the world of theatre.

This electrifying ‘workshop’ will include groundbreaking warm-up technique, audition preparation and a mandatory fire announcement.

Expect to be sent on a hilarious journey that may be eerily familiar to those working in the arts and delightfully off-the-wall for everyone else.

The Wicker Socks trio will guide audiences through every facet of the performing arts, deftly negotiating each semi-disaster as it comes their way.

[blockquote_right]“DO THE ACTING”[/blockquote_right]

“ a really funny spoof of the ostentatious theoretical side of acting”
– Bleedin’ Deadly

Fionn Foley, Michael-David McKernan, Ronan Carey

DIRECTED BY: Hannah Mamalis

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Running time : 60 mins

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