Blue Devils

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First Fortnight Festival 2019

Fleet of Feet – Stella Godmet

[blockquote_right]Fri 11 Jan | 2pm | Main Space[/blockquote_right]

In 1943, after being diagnosed as schizophrenic, Rose Williams, Tennessee Williams’ sister, underwent a prefrontal lobotomy which left her mentally incapacitated.

Williams was very close to his sister and this trauma left its mark on the man and on the writer. Shades of Rose can be found in many of Williams’ female characters.

Mentally unstable or free spirited ?

Blanche, Zelda, Serafina and Catherine are strong, unconventional women that normative society tries to ground down. In the plays that feature these heroines, Tennessee Williams questions society’s treatment of women who don’t fit into the mold. Inspired by his writings, this piece will take the audience into the imagined private world of these characters, into the unwritten.

Running Time: 20 mins

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