Exhibition : Being Animal

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Lisa Kinsell and Celia Kenny

Overuse of the planet’s resources has resulted in a steep decline in animal, fish and bird numbers.

The scientific evidence for this is now incontrovertible. The most recent report from The Living Planet Index, which maps the state of 45,000 known vertebrates, indicates a loss of species and the degradation of finely tuned and interdependent Eco-systems which is potentially catastrophic.
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Clearly, every person must now play their part if the present rate of destruction is to be halted.

The producers of the exhibition, BEING ANIMAL, believe that, in addition to the work of scientists, politicians and activists, there is a role for artists and poets. Working together for the past year, Lisa Kinsell and Celia Kenny have studied ecological reports, translating facts and figures into a tapestry of voice and image.

Together, their depictions and commentary draw attention to: disappearing coral reefs, deforestation, long-line fishing, plastic pollution of our oceans, and the loss of habitat for wildlife and birds.

Both artist and writer believe that the Destiny of Woundedness now being played out on the global stage presents the human animal with ethical choices which will prove crucial to the ultimate sustainability of planet Earth.

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