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YEOW! Your Artist Pass entitles you to….


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€9 Artist Tickets +

€4.50 bottles of D8 crafty beer +

€4.50 Italian Wine +

€5 Bacio del Limon Smocktails

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OSCARS – Festival hangout

Anytime Pizza, Pay the Time instead of the Price!

10% discount on All Food / Drinks +

€9 for 10oz Gourmet Burger with Home Cut Fries (From 4pm) +

€4.50 Bombay + Tonic

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BISON – Festival hangout

Scene + Heard Cocktail

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TAMP + STITCH – The Finest cawfee in the Hood

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Espresso €2.00
Espresso Set €2.50
W/Milk €2.50
Mocha €2.90
Hot Chocolate €2.70
Barry’s Tea €1.00
Cookies €0.50

10% off all clothing and accessories in store.

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THE LIQUOR ROOMS – Cocktails, Bites and Elegant Evenings

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€8 cocktail

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