Animal Farm : Musical

Dublin Youth Theatre
Four Legs Good. Two Legs Bad.

Animal Farm
Written by George Orwell, adapted by Peter Hall, with lyrics by Adrian Mitchell and music by Richard Peaslee

A Musical Revolution.
The subjugated animals of an oppressive farm decide, in the cover of darkness, to rise up and overthrow their brutal Master, Farmer Jones. From this revolution, a more equal society emerges with the maxim “Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad”. But as the animals enjoy their new freedom, a struggle for power begins and a new force takes hold in the form of the ambitious, violent pigs.
This startlingly contemporary story explores revolution, the power of community and the dangers of totalitarianism.
This brutal, bloody, musical production presented by Dublin Youth Theatre casts a modern eye on this ever-pertinent allegory and asks, can we walk with open eyes into our own collective destruction?

This amateur production of “Animal Farm (Hall)” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

SET + COSTUME DESIGN BY Florentina Burcea

CAST: Dublin Youth Theatre Ensemble

Running Time:  120 mins
Tickets €20 | €15 student/OAP/unwaged concession | Options to donate to DYT with your ticket purchase

Dublin Youth Theatre is a registered charity. If you are in a position to do so, we invite you to purchase one of the higher priced donation tickets, which along with admission, includes an additional contribution towards the continued programming and the support of our young people, and their social, personal and artistic development.

Suitable for ages 12+ – staged references to violence and brutality

Please note that the 3:30PM show on Saturday 12th of August will be a relaxed performance.

This performance is designed to make a more inclusive theatre experience and help people with autism, intellectual, neurological and/or sensory differences enjoy the show. 

A relaxed performance involves adjustment of various elements of the production including sound and lighting. Audience members who feel the need to move around or make noise will be free to do so. A guide to the performance will be sent to those who have booked tickets in advance to help prepare all audience members for this performance. 

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10 – 12 Aug 2023
12 + 13 Aug
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