Alison Spittle Discovers Hawaii

First Fortnight Festival

You know that memory that stings? The one that will keep you awake that extra five minutes before you sleep? Alison has loads of them, but she’s found a way around it. Join her as she discovers Hawaii.

What is Hawaii? To some it’s the fiftieth State but to Alison, it’s a place in her head where she buries stuff. It’s her personal coping mechanism.

So join her for a personal stand up hour that tackles Alison’s biggest fears and regrets while trying to find her own personal Hawaii. A hilarious hour embracing the futility of being so self-involved.
[blockquote_right]14th-16th January at 8pm in The Boys’ School[/blockquote_right]
*** “Chock-full of killer oneliners” – The Irish Times

Spectacular in a beautifully surreal way… Spittle performs an hour of highly entertaining and original comedy” – The Independent (UK)

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