A World Born of Love

Europe-China Culture and Art Exchange Association

A Chinese New Year charity party that transcends language and culture.
A World Born of Love will feature performers from all over the world mand the evening promises to be filled with music, dance, laughter and celebration.

Box office proceeds will be donated to the Dublin Simon Community to support their work with those that are homeless

The gala centres on the theme of world peace, envisioning a future based around community and coming together.
It celebrates the exchanging of ideas, culture and artistic ideals between Europe and China.

The gala will be broadcast on January 28th on Chinese Toutiao media worldwide, reaching more than 170 countries and attracting millions of viewers.

Performers include:

Zar Acoustic is an Italian fingerstyle and lap tapping guitarist based in Dublin, where he is busking and actively performing in the greatest venues of the capital. He also sings and plays the didgeridoo.

Musician, music promoter and band leader Pat Byrne will be joined by The Harbour Ukulele Band, a group of ukulele enthusiasts that meet every Tuesday in the Harbour Bar in Bray.

DaddySax (Conor McGrath) is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and experienced song writer from Dublin. Conor is a true showman and entertainer with a passion for jazz, funk, soul, rock, and ska, making him a hugely versatile player.

Guitarist and singer songwriter, Andrew Murphy with keyboard accompaniment.

Guitarist and singer songwriter Seán Graham.

Running time 140 mins

Tickets: €45
18 Jan

Main Space