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May 2016

Mustard Mustard

Is there any condiment as versatile and adaptable as mustard? No! No, is the answer. It’s a doddle to make, and can be played around with ingredients wise to create your very own signature mustard. You can go the route of mustard powder and a liquid- with water you would get something very similar to English mustard, with wine closer to Dijon. Or you can soak mustard seeds, white, black …Read More

Awesome Chocolate Cake

Now, I’ve as much time for the anti-gluten brigade as the next person, but this little number is almost enough to convert me. It’s a recipe from Sabrina Ghabour, an excellent source of inspiration for Persian and Middle Eastern recipes. 200g of dark chocolate, melted with 150 ml good olive oil stirred in once chocolate is melted. Add to this 5-8  cardamom pods, bashed and seeds removed, along with 3 shots …Read More