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April 2016

Ricotta Hotcakes with Bananas & Raspberries

Now, I’m no King, or indeed Queen, of Brunch (maybe an Archduke) but I’ve had enough Breakfast Lunch hybrids to know a good one from a bad one. Add this recipe to  your repertoire and you’ll  be lauded as a Brunch noble.  Also I’m not giving you quantities- you should know when it looks thick enough. I ain’t your Home Ec teacher. This recipe comes from lovely Smiley Bill Granger …Read More

S’more S’more S’more

Come here til I tell you- you needn’t have gone to summer camp in ‘Merica to appreciate the delights of a S’more. Because now why not make a S’more tart! It’s a delight. Do it. Get a little/large tart base, you don’t need to be forking out big euros for Graham Crackers- as long as it’s sweet you’ll get the essence. Melt whatever kind of chocolate you prefer, I used Belgian …Read More

Chicken With Rocket & Pomegranate

This is a recipe shamelessly robbed and slightly adapted from Sabrina Ghayour, who I had the opportunity to do a cookery course with last year. She’s a British Iranian cook and offers a great insight to wonderful Persian cuisine. We use this in wraps and it’s deliciously refreshing and satisfying. Using smoked chicken breasts, mix 1 tablespoon of Ras al Hanout with 3 tablespoons of Pomegranate Molasses. Slice the chicken …Read More

Berry Tarts

This is an excellent go to quick dessert idea- although we serve them as canapés. A large one with tons of mixed berries would look excellent. You can also use a pre made tart shell to be truly expedient. Mix custard and cream together, adding some sugar or vanilla extract if you like it especially sweet- essentially a cheat’s crème pâtissière. Spoon a blob into a tart shell, adding the …Read More