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January 2016

You are a saucy boy

Now I’m not prone to hyperbole, but this BBQ sauce for chicken wings has got to be considered amazeballs! It has taken a couple of years of tinkering with, but boy, has it come good! Exact quantities will not be given, let’s not give away all the state secrets, but you can add or subtract as your taste dictates. But as my mother used to say, it’s easier put it …Read More

Love Lentils

It’s that time of year when virtue and abstinence influence the diet, enter stage right lentils. Good for you, cheap and delicious, they make a great larder staple, either as the basis of a dish or something to bulk up with. Two very simple ideas today using a very simple ingredient. Rejoice and huzzah! Lentils go both ways, in that they are used in Asian & European cooking, especially in …Read More