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July 2015

Summer Salads

                I remember that summer in Dublin, it seemed like last week. Since the humidity and grey skies are currently tormenting the poor souls of Dublin, why not go summery for your salads- greens, reds, whites, yellows lash the whole lot together and drizzle with olive oil. This week we threw together beetroot, Serrano ham, spring onions, shaved cheeses, cucumber,rocket, heirloom tomatoes and …Read More


Occasionally for an event in the theatre we’ll do a cheeseboard- but not any run of the mill cheeseboard- the ultimate cheeseboard for upwards of 40 people. There are no set rules to a cheeseboard, serve whatever you like in terms of cheese but have a little variety in the cheeses, use bread and crackers, fruit such as grapes and figs, honey and chutney and don’t be afraid of throwing …Read More

An Earnest Summer Fish Stew

Summer has sprung in Dublin and the Smock Alley Summer Season kicks off shortly with ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’ and the return of the critically acclaimed ‘Waiting for Godot’ on our main stage. On the heels of this we are offering a dinner and show tickets for €30 in August. One of our main courses will be a summer fish stew- tasty, simple and oh so summery. For 2 …Read More

Croque du Smock

Hello again, this week is something unashamedly gluttonous and wonderfully delicious. You may want to eat it alone, in a dark room with a hangover. We have bread, we have cheese, we have ham. By god we will have a Ham and Cheese Sandwich Pie. Ingredients 8 slices Ham 150 g of Smoked Gubbeen Cheese 8-10 slices of white Bread 1 tablespoon of Wholegrain Mustard 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard …Read More