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March 2015

Simnel Cake

This weeks recipe is an Easter classic- a Simnel cake. The origins of this fruit cake are debatable, with recipes dating back hundreds of years. We here in Smock Alley like to think it’s in honour of Lambert Simnel, who in 1487 as a 10 year old boy was crowned King of England in nearby Christchurch Cathedral! This was of course news to King Henry VII. The result was the …Read More

Canapes Galore

This weeks offering is again a more modern affair, as we present a selection of our canapes. However there are references to the past with recipes for quiches dating from 16th Century and Rarebit from the 18th Century. We’re calling our cheese on toast delight an Irish Rarebit and it’s based on a recipe from the unoffical King of Baking, His Majesty Paul Hollywood. (Him of Telly!) Irish Rarebit We …Read More

Chocolate and Baileys Brownie

There is nothing remotely 17th Century about this weeks recipe, it is in fact a thoroughly modern invention, with the earliest recipe coming from the late 1890’s or early 1900’s depending on who you believe. For period authenticity I shall refer to this brownie as ‘ye old brownie’. We made this a few weeks ago on the closing night of our Collaborations festival, and one customer declared it ‘the best …Read More

Tis Fierce Dark and Stormy

It’s hump day so why not have some strong booze to alleviate the mid week blues. We do like a good stiff one here in Smock Alley and this is just the ticket. This combination of cider and rum, along with lime juice and ginger beer is a twist on a traditional Dark and Stormy, with the added oomph of cider. While this drink is a thoroughly modern concoction, both cider …Read More

Orange Custard Tarts

While browsing through recipes of old, an orange pudding stood out as a recipe that is practically unchanged since 1654, done in 20 minutes from start to finish. The original recipe calls for orange zest to be boiled until tender, then beaten with sugar, butter, egg yolks and cream, with some salt and then baked in puff pastry. The modern version is very similar, omitting the boiling, the butter and …Read More

Staged Readings @ Collaborations 2015

There’s only a few short days left of Collaborations 2015. We’ve had clowns, crazed street fighters, gender benders, guardian spirits and that’s only the half of it, but we’ve still got a few tricks left up our sleeves. Among the brave new works in progress on offer here until Saturday March 7th are two staged readings, full length new plays performed from the page in front of a live audience. …Read More