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February 2015

Smoked Chipotle Tomato Ketchup

With our upcoming weekend of brunches ahead, it’s time to make our homemade smoked chipotle tomato ketchup. It’s a pretty straightforward process for a condiment that has been around in various forms since the 18th Century. Ketchup is something that is very easy to customise to one’s own particular tastes, we added smoked chipotle powder because it’s pretty much all we can think about at the moment. That and Bruce …Read More

Corn & Spring Onion Fritters with Avocado Cream

Collaborations 2015 has kicked off and to highlight our fabulous Brunch sessions (on Sat 28th Feb, Comedy Brunch & Sunday 1st March Bossa Nova Brunch followed of course by the Ireland V England Six Nations Clash – you’re welcome) we’re following up on last week’s venison patties recipe with our delicious corn fritters. Served with avocado cream, slow roast tomatoes, coddled eggs and leaves. Bring along your vegetarians because they’re …Read More

Craic for the Kiddies at Collaborations

Collaborations festival kicks into gear here at Smock Alley this week. A festival of new ideas put together by some of the bravest risk-takers in town, Collaborations 2015 is jam packed with everything from physical theatre to comedy, clowns to time travelling mimes, and interactive theatre to staged readings. Running from February 18th to March 7th, there are even several options for the smaller members of the family… Paper House …Read More

Venison Patties

Wednesday 18th February is the beginning of our Collaborations Festival, 3 weeks of exciting theatre, comedy and music. Among these talented, attractive and brave performers, Smock Alley will be presenting a Comedy Brunch and a Music Brunch, essentially chow and chuckles, or chow and chunes. Or tunes if you aren’t down with it. Whatever it is nowadays. We’re offering patties, coddled eggs, corn fritters, homemade ketchup and potato hash. One must …Read More

How to make fresh cheese

This weeks recipe is an oldie but a goodie, still essentially the same after 350 odd years. The original recipe for this cheese dates from 1653, and adds rosewater and sugar to the curds before pressing. These additions have been omitted here. Fresh cheese comes in many guises and appears throughout many cuisines, Paneer in India, Queso Fresco in Mexico and Ricotta in Italy. It’s a great beginners cheese to …Read More