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January 2015

Italian Bread Pudding

Of the many stories about Smock Alley, for there are many, one of my favourites is about the Italian craftsmen who created our beautiful suspended ceiling. They were brought to Belfast to work on an ill fated ship, and once that worked dried up, giggle, they moved south and came to be employed in the former church. Hundreds of ropes keep the ceiling hanging above our heads everyday, so this …Read More

Collaborations 2015 launched!

Collaborations 2015, the festival of ideas, is back in Smock Alley Theatre for its fourth year. Wednesday January 21st 2015 marked the launch of this year’s programme which is chock-full of fresh ideas and exciting new collaborations. Theatre maker Martin Sharry and Sound Designer Brendan Rehill are collaborating again. Their previous work resulted in winning the National HearSay award 2014. The Impossible Address continues with the sounds of Aran as the …Read More

Rum Fustian

The history of Smock Alley allows us to look to the past for our inspirations for current menus and drinks, and no more so than this boozy delight, our Kelly Riot based on the 17th Century Rum Fustian. Originally containing alcoholic ginger beer, gin, dry sherry, whipped eggs and spices such as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, it was a popular breakfast drink. (Says a lot about 17th Century productivity, as …Read More

Lemony Posset

Working in an historic building such as Smock Alley allows you the opportunity to feel connected to the past life of Dublin. We are lucky enough to have a very rich archival and anecdotal evidence of the past life of Smock Alley to draw upon. Among the physical material found during excavations were many oyster shells, a popular theatre snack in days gone by, and stories of Orange sellers are …Read More

Support Collaborations 2015!

Preparations for Collaborations 2015 are well under way and it’s set to be the biggest Collaborations ever, with over 60 companies presenting original new work for the very first time. We can’t wait to reveal the incredible line up on January 21st, but in the meantime please head over to the Collaborations page on Indiegogo where we’re raising essential funds to help get all these wonderful ideas off the ground. There’s …Read More