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December 2014

Oil be home for Christmas

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, with the most delicious seasonal treats on offer. Yet it can turn into a over abundance of heavy flavours that leave your taste buds overwhelmed and longing for the austerity of January. This is a very simple recipe that will give a welcome lift from traditional Christmas flavours. It’s also great for those among us who, vowing to detox in …Read More

All The Fun of The Fayre

We promised a wonderful day for all the family and we can proudly say that on Sunday December 14th the first ever Smock Alley Christmas Fayre more than delivered. The Banquet Hall buzzed as shoppers came to browse the assortment of buns & treats, handmade jewellery and cosmetics, clothing, original art and festive gifts on display at our indoor Christmas market before stopping for mince pies and mulled wine or …Read More

I can’t believe it is butter!

Butter is one of the most useful ingredients at this time of year. WTF say you!? TF say I! It can transform a dish with the simple addition of a few herbs and spices and breathe new life into a tired old bird. And I know about tired old birds. Flavoured butters are as classical as cooking gets, but often overlooked as a old fashioned or declassé. Pish posh says I. …Read More

Knock ’em Brown Bread Darling

Based on an excellent bread recipe by the ever so lovely Darina Allen, this is a perfect bread for those that can’t bake. Fool proof, delicious, and ever so slightly special. We serve it with our soups and people go crazy for it. Literally. There have been incidents. A couple of luxury ingredients really add oomph, feel free to add sunflower oil instead of truffle oil, honey instead of agave …Read More

Apple Pie

‘Motherhood and Apple Pie.’ This may not be what they had in mind. Our noble Director occasionally visits the USA, and “heard” of a moonshine drink called Apple Pie, popular in them rural areas. On further “academic” research, he “ascertained” that it was essentially cider and poitín and casually “mentioned” it during a staff meeting. Apple pie has subsequently been served and “enjoyed” at many bacchanalian Smock Alley staff parties, …Read More