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October 2010

Magnus Betner at the Smock Alley Theatre

The Irish Times – Wednesday, October 20, 2010 Found in translation – a punchline Brian Boyd SMALL PRINT: A SWEDISH MAN, a Dutch man and a German walked into a bar. Not for a drink – they were performing in the bar/venue at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Magnus Betnér, Hans Teeuwen and Henning Wehn respectively all had great festivals despite the fact that they were performing in a second language …Read More

The Smock Alley Theatre at the Dublin Festivals

The Absolut Fringe has packed up its tent again as has The Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival. What a few weeks it has been and Smock Alley Theatre was in the middle of it all. It gives the world a small glimpse of the potential of what is going to happen at Smock Alley Theatre after Christmas when we move in for the build. More and more people are stopping outside …Read More