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Theatre? I Hardly KNOW Her!: A Neo-Futurist Attempt to Perform 30 Plays in 60 Minutes

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Filibusters Theatre Company

“With infectious energy and unstoppable enthusiasm this new collective are telling new stories in new ways.” – Róise Goan

It’s right up Smock’s Alley and it’s right up YOUR Alley! Filibusters Theatre Company bring their travelling Neo-Futurist Experience to Smock Alley for the first time!

“Theatre? I Hardly KNOW Her!” is an attempt to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes. Each play is BRAND NEW and ORIGINAL and written and performed by the ensemble. The show follows no linear path as it is up to the audience to decide which play is performed next.

Taking influence from the Chicago Neo-Futurist aesthetic, all plays in the show connect through a commonality of brevity, honesty and the possibility of failure.

24th May at 7.30pm in The Boys’ School

Founded under the principles of irreverence, creative freedom and congeniality, Filibusters Theatre company are Leah Minto, Keith Monaghan and Joseph Ryan.

Filibusters Co.’s debut show was “Tricycle Of Horrible Notions” written and directed by Joseph Ryan, co produced with Emergence and staged in The Littlegreen Streetgallery in December 2011.

Since their 2012 ABSOLUT Fringe debut “All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Shandango”, Filibusters Co. have become Dublin City’s Practicing Neo-Futurists, performing one off shows at various charity and multi-disciplinary events.

Cast: Ian McEvoy, Hilary Bowen-Walsh, Amy Kellett, Leah Minto, Brian Gallagher, Joseph Ryan, Susie Young, Eppie Claffey.

“The joy of this performance is that each night of it will bring a new order and, perhaps, a new perspective.” – Rosemary McCabe (The Irish Times)

Tickets €10

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