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The Madman and The Nun


Enigma Theatre

Written by Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz

”The Madman and the Nun” provokes a change of thinking, exploring the conflict between the individual and society, where characters thrown into the grotesque reality of a hospital for the insane have to fight for their individuality.

The concept of ”Bardo” – an intermediate state between death and rebirth, reality and fantasy, madness and insanity, love and hate, faith and despair – occupies a prominent place within the drama. Witkiewicz’s heroes are desperately searching for their own identity within the modern world.

Two outsiders: the dangerous Madman and the beautiful femme fatale Nun go beyond their own comfort zones, beyond all limitations, beyond themselves. Love and sex become the only cure… the only real medicament to escape the reality constantly accompanied by fear and a sense of alienation in an inverted upside down world.

The characters, locked up in a mental institution, constrained by the system, scientific experimentation and the authority of the church and state ask the timeless question:’Who am I’? A lunatic asylum and a secret prison are, paradoxically, the only places where they can experience a true sense of freedom.

Why hide true desires and secret impulses?

“Witkiewicz created a theater of the absurd twenty years before Beckett, Ionesco, and Genet. He himself was a living model of the avant-garde, advancing the frontiers of drama, fiction, aesthetics, philosophy and painting” (Daniel Gerould)

9th – 13th June at 7.30pm in The Boys’ School

Directed by Karolina Szemerda and Serina Griffin
Cast: Aron Hegarty, Adam Walsh, Magdalena Gera, Niamh Large, Shane Robinson, Darren Kelly & Conor Flanagan
Lighting design by Tomasz Rola
Music composed by Przemyslaw Lozowski & Marcin Natorski
Set design by Eleonore Nicolas

Tickets €12/10 conc

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