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Fund Our Festival

Many hands make Great Work.

Take a moment to consider the huge contribution made by the arts to the life of the community and the community in which you operate.
Imagine if your involvement could shape the future of the Arts in Ireland, the music we make and the stories we tell…

What We Need to give to our Artists

Firstly please know that we are an inclusive UNFUNDED local festival who accepts submissions from all
We have over 90 companies bringing their creative energies and taking part in our 2017 programme
We provide Mentoring, Producer support and Marketing + Sales techniques to help the maker reach the widest audience possible
We need funds to hire a theatre for 3 x weeks (€12,000), rent a rehearsal room (€3,000), provide lighting operators and equipment(€6,500) as well as print copies of the colourful festival programme (€1,000) so that our audience know what wonderful work the artists are presenting in 2017

The Impact of the Arts on our Communities

65% of the Adult population attend arts events in Ireland* – 9% increase from 2013
In schools, the arts promote attendance, accelerate learning and build confidence.
63% agree that arts are as important as sports amenities, and 73% consider that arts education is as important as science.
In hospitals and healthcare settings, the arts create opportunities for people who face long-term illness and treatment to be creative, joyful, and strong. And where people are marginalised, the arts can help them find their voice, to be empowered, heard and understood.
78% agree that the arts give perspective and insights and fight prejudices such as xenophobia and homophobia by providing insight into the lives of others.
On an international stage, Ireland’s culture is held up as vibrant, diverse, valued and valuable. On a personal level, you may value hugely some arts event such as a play in the Dublin Theatre Festival or a piano recital at the National Concert Hall.
40% of the population think it’s a worth cause to give money to and 85% of those have donated personally.

The arts describe in a unique way our sense of identity, community and belonging and thereby provide a vital “glue” for social cohesion, a clear societal benefit.

Risks & Challenges

Over the last few difficult years, though the arts have proved their resilience, popularity and value, they have borne harsh economic circumstances and need to find ways to adapt in order to survive. We are asking you to support the long term sustainability of the arts by donating to the Scene + Heard 2017 programme of New Work.

Make a Contribution Today!

Have a look at the PERKS when you contribute to Scene + Heard.
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Other Ways You Can Help

Come to the festival, PARTICIPATE by giving your feedback to the Artists.
You can review in a myriad of ways (secret ballot, video booth, Q&A, live twitter feed, candy poll) which is sent directly to the artists.
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Alternatively you can support the Artists by liking and sharing news of their work on your social media platforms 🙂

A great big THANK YOU to: Conor Byrne, Paul Clune, Jen Darcy, Osgar Dukes, Emily Elphinstone, David Halpin, Christoph McCormack, Donnie O’Meara, Louise O’Meara, James Walmsley.

Music: ‘Morning, Kepler’ by Alarmist