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Theatre - Collected Stories | 3 + 4 Apr

New York City, 1990. Ruth is the imperious author of acclaimed works of fiction. Lisa is the callow and eager student who dreams of literary stardom. Lisa offers Ruth her services as personal assistant, and before you can say “All About Eve” the younger woman has begun appropriating secrets from Ruth’s glory days to rocket herself to success, but at what cost?


Theatre - A Life in the Theatre | 3 - 15 Apr

Byrne & McNulty present the Irish Premiere of (Pulitzer and Tony Award winner) David Mamet’s A Life In The Theatre. David Mamet’s hilarious two-hander charts the relationship between an older actor reaching the twilight of his career, and that of his rising young counterpart. Mamet’s love/hate letter to the theatre is also filled with biting satire as the audience are “treated” to scenes from plays the two characters perform within the play.


World Music - Globe | 13 Apr

Experience this world music concert that combines virtuoso individual performances with different instrumentation from around the world. The show features world-class performers who trade and fuse their music and singing skills to achieve extraordinarily original, exquisite and powerful soundscapes.


Music - Music Current + Dublin Sound Lab | 27 - 29 Apr

Dublin Sound Lab is a contemporary music group specialising in electronic and computer-mediated concert performance. They present established works, initiate projects and use computer-based techniques to explore new relationships between composers, performers and audience. Dublin Sound Lab has worked with many leading Irish and international composers.