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Smock Alley was the first Theatre Royal built in Dublin. John Ogilby opened it in 1662 as part of the Restoration of the British monarchy and King Charles II in 1660. Our mission is to welcome audiences to Dublin’s oldest, newest theatre and provide an enjoyable, affordable, quality experience, challenging & engaging you with a varied artistic programme of theatre, comedy, music & dance, in a friendly, feel-good atmosphere.


Chaos Theory

After successfully testing earlier iterations of ‘Chaos Theory’ at Collaborations Theatre Festival and The Cavan Theatre Festival, Dreamgun returns to Smock Alley Theatre with a fully realised sixty minute version of the show. Chaos Theory is a long abandoned science experiment in which three test subjects attempted to perform twenty five short plays in every random order possible.


Dublin Flamenco Festival 2014

Dublin Flamenco Festival has a reputation for bringing today's most influential and celebrated artists. An exquisite balance between the pure, gypsy tradition and the new trends in dance and music, it represents authentic traditional and avant-garde flamenco. Discover flamenco like you’ve never seen before! Dublin Flamenco Festival is presented in association with RTÉ lyric fm.


Aunty Ben

Nine-year old Tracey loves her Aunty Ben. It doesn’t matter to her that Aunty Ben is actually her uncle, or that he’s a drag queen, because in Tracey’s family dressing up is for everyone! But when Ben meets her school friends, Tracey is shocked to discover that other people’s families can be very different to her own.