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TONIGHT in Main Space - True Pirates Never Die

A notorious pirate ship has been lost at sea, and the surviving members of the crew wash up on a mysterious island. But more than the crew has washed ashore; there’s also the pirate captain’s stolen treasure, which will bring much more than worldly wealth. A pitch-black comic tale of swashbuckling adventure. When the captain dies in the storm, the hunt is on to find the box of treasure—and the key—which will bring its keeper eternal life.


TONIGHT in Boys' School - Eden

Breda: "I’m floatin’ now, giddy, takin’ a big sup of vodka to celebrate, he’s comin’ home to dance with me" Billy: "I’m gettin’ the mad as a march hare in spring feelin’ again, cause I’m thinkin’ of Breda, rememberin’ the way she had been smilin’ at me" Billy and Breda are married and live in an Irish midlands town. This is their weekend. Eden is brought to us by Little Shadow Theatre Co. + Unravel Productions.


COMEDY - I Wrote a Joke in 1987

Michael Redmond wrote a joke in 1987. He then left Dublin to try his luck on the London comedy circuit… with just the one joke! This is the story of that journey and why he has left something in his will to Ryan Tubridy. Probably best known for his role as the monosyllabic priest, Father Stone, in the iconic sitcom, Father Ted, Michael promises that he will use some two/three syllable words in the show and might even throw in one with four syllables. He also guarantees that there is more than one joke in the show.


THEATRE - The Rivals

Smock Alley presents as its eighth in-house production, Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s much loved Comedy of Manners, The Rivals. The whirlwind plot and wondrous wit of Sheridan’s play has delighted audiences for over 240 years. This historical play will be performed here at Smock Alley for the first time since the late 1700’s. Historical tours of Smock Alley Theatre one hour before every show. On selected evenings you can enjoy a specially designed seasonal pre-show dinner with a glass of wine in our Banquet Hall and see The Rivals for only €30!