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Smock Alley was the first Theatre Royal built in Dublin. John Ogilby opened it in 1662 as part of the Restoration of the British monarchy and King Charles II in 1660. Our mission is to welcome audiences to Dublin’s oldest, newest theatre and provide an enjoyable, affordable, quality experience, challenging & engaging you with a varied artistic programme of theatre, comedy, music & dance, in a friendly, feel-good atmosphere.


Joe Prop

Following on from the amazing audience response to ‘Joe Prop’ Joe Prop tells the story of 12 year old, Joe Kavanagh, who has a dream. A dream big enough to overcome any obstacle. Medication for a childhood illness has left him overweight and a target for school bullies who among other things have dedicated a Facebook page to him called ‘Fat Joe Kavanagh’ 200 likes. However, Joe finds solace on the School Rugby team as a prop in the scrum.


Stephen Rinn: Inchoate Ground

Smock Alley is pleased to present Inchoate Ground, an exhibition of paintings by Stephen Rinn, running from October 25 to October 31, 2014. The artist uses oil colour on linen stretchers to create compositional arrangements of angular shapes, patterns and grids with overlapping planes of colour. Inchoate Ground is a collection of new work by the artist which shows a maturity and quiet confidence.


The Crystal Cage

Disaster strikes the Kingdom of Enchantasia when all the rainbows disappear! The Leprechauns are worried as they cannot locate their gold. Not only will the Kingdom be in financial trouble but, without the rainbows, all colour in the world will drain away, turning everything black & white. Can The Great Wizard Strogroth and his magical motley crew save the day and restore the rainbows to the skies of Enchantasia?