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THEATRE | Pilgrim

Written by award-winning playwright Philip Doherty and performed by Rex Ryan. (Dublin Fringe Best Actor nomination). A powerful comedy/drama set in Newfoundland about an Irishman’s redemption in a world on the brink. Thousands of refugees from every culture and creed descend upon the doorsteps of Newfoundland. Villages like Gambo become the setting for a positive apocalypse. In this surreal, inverted world, Christopher’s life pulls into focus and his rebirth is both arresting and comic.



Ciara is your run-of-the-mill, chicken burger plain with nothin’ on it kinda girl. (Garlic sauce on the side, obvo.) Ciarán is your average, curry cheese chips type of lad. And yeah, they’ve found each other. Bleedin’ ages ago. Ciara and Ciarán are #RelationshipGoalz. Watch our wonder couple navigate through treacherous disruptions like your stepmam being a bollocks, your best friend being a dope, an uninspired future existence, kleptomania and deciding which boxset to watch next.


THEATRE | The Wendy House

Join six year old Lily as she packs up her favourite worldly possessions. She’s going to her Wendy House and once she gets there she’s never coming back. Lily spends her life travelling between a rural Irish village and a large paediatric hospital in Dublin. Through the delicate intertwining of her memories, Lily explores the struggles that families face in moments of trauma and the fearless power of childhood innocence and imagination.


THEATRE | The Streets Are Ours

‘The Streets are Ours’ chronicles the night time activities of a group of aimless 20-somethings still living in a small town in the midlands and their reunion with an old friend. Meeting in an empty parking lot, the gang reconnect, reminisce and attempt to heal old wounds, but as the night goes on, things left unsaid for too long begin to resurface. Delivered with Fregoli Theatre Company's trademark energy, passion, and humour, ‘The Streets Are Ours’ will send you buzzing into the streets.