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What does it take to forgive the unforgivable? In small-town Ireland, father-of-one Conor is desperate to hold onto a life that is disintegrating before his eyes. Susan is a mother searching for reason in the darkness of her teenage daughter’s killing. A contemporary tragedy comes to light when they finally meet.


Perhaps all the dragons

In Perhaps all the dragons, the Antwerp theatre group BERLIN tells the true stories of real people encountered in magazines, newspapers, or on YouTube. Carefully selected, synchronised and assembled into a digital installation, 30 filmed monologues are relayed on 30 individual screens. Each spectator has a chance to hear five stories that carry a universal message. Guided by the theory that everyone on this planet is only a few steps removed from each other, Perhaps all the dragons is a deeply human multimedia theatre experience.


The Soldier’s Tale by Igor Stravinsky

The Soldier’s Tale is is a stunning theatre + live music work for narrator, actors, dancer, and a 7 piece orchestral ensemble – composed by the legendary Igor Stravinsky and with text written by Swiss author C.F. Ramuz based on a Russian folk tale drawn from the collection of Alexander Afanasyev.


Hello my name is

Warm as a spring day and unexpectedly fun like a game of table tennis, Hello my name is is about getting to know you. Set in a community centre – or a room called a community centre – you are cast as a workshop participant and carefully led through a series of activities that chaotically and humorously describe how to have a conversation. Nicola Gunn is your volunteer team leader. Her mission: to change the world.