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Smock Alley was the first Theatre Royal built in Dublin. John Ogilby opened it in 1662 as part of the Restoration of the British monarchy and King Charles II in 1660. Our mission is to welcome audiences to Dublin’s oldest, newest theatre and provide an enjoyable, affordable, quality experience, challenging & engaging you with a varied artistic programme of theatre, comedy, music & dance, in a friendly, feel-good atmosphere.


Emerald Germs

Emerald Germs is a collection of hilarious tales told in Cabaret style, which follows the uproarious dubious and sometimes murderous escapades of Pat McNab possible serial killer, often found to be puffing smokes, propping up the counter of his local or simply sitting on his mother’s knee.


Over The Wire

It’s 1974, rioting prisoners have set fire to Long Kesh jail in Belfast and much of the prison is destroyed. This gripping play by multi award winning writer Seamas Keenan, follows five prisoners now pitched into a world of violence, paranoia and hunger as they struggle against British soldiers, each other and their own personal demons.



Collaborations returns in 2015 to once again provide an environment where emerging artists can challenge themselves to create new work. We want to create a platform where emerging artists can present work, and more established theatre makers could try something completely new. Many shows from Collaborations past go on to be Fringe successes and award winners.