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Tonight in Main Space | THE SNOW QUEEN | 5 - 23 Dec

Gerda and Kay live in a watery town in a watery world. Some time ago, there occurred on Earth a seismic event known as ‘The Melting’, and since then there has not been a single flake of snow nor a single cube of ice. As such, Christmas has been cancelled. Forever. EXTRA DINNER + SHOW DATES ADDED Fri 16 + Sat 17 DEC!


First Fortnight Festival | HALF LIGHT | 10 – 14 Jan

magine this: you’re walking up a mountain, through a forest of pine trees and you’re trying to find your Dad. He’s been taken by a monster. Meet Robin, a ten-year-old boy travelling through the magic, fantastical woodland of his father’s storybook. A tale which is as true as it is untrue; simultaneously fact and fiction. Chaotic yet controlled. Childish yet adult. Half dark and half light.


Upcoming show | REASONS TO BE PRETTY 13-17 DEC

Untold Wants bring us the Irish premiere of Neil LaBute’s play ‘Reasons to Be Pretty’. Who are we when all the cards are on the table? When excuses and distractions lose their power, what will we have to show? Are we pretty enough?


Upcoming show | THE SPINNING HEART | 23 - 28 JAN

Foremost among Irish post-crash novels, The Spinning Heart by Donal Ryan (2011) reveals the devastation wrought on a community in a west Tipperary village by economic ruin and consequent savage austerity. One by one the colourful characters’ varied stories build a panorama of a foundering society, while a narrative thread running through their accounts unveils unexpected dramatic events, stealing out of dark, hidden corners.